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Imaginative Play and Create
Netops Sports has a specially crafted programme for preschoolers out there.

Gross motor skills have never seen so much fun!
Fairy tale centred themes and adventure plays, kids will not only get to role play well known fairy tales and nursery rhymes, but they get to work up a sweat as well!

Why choose kidz@play:

- Promotes physical fitness through fun and games in a non-competitive and safe environment using music, role-playing and kids-suitable equipment
- Inculcates important social and emotional values such as self-confidence, sportsmanship, team spirit, and more
- Targets pre-schoolers at the peak of their learning capability
- Is run by Sports Council qualified coaches who are  experienced kids programme trainers
- Can be customised to suit your centre’s curriculum and needs




IMG_6960Coach Sally prepping the kids for play